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The First Few Fights of Manny Pacquiao

It’s a very important factor overcoming the likes of Ledwaba and Terao, it’s a huge other ball game stepping inside the ring using a fighter in the capability and pedigree of Marco Antonio Barrera, certainly one of Mexico’s all-time greats. Does Pacquiao allow us to down, like hell he does! This fight transpires in it’s and 2003 another improve in weight and also class for Manny, stepping into the featherweight category.

It’s an interesting commence to this fight. Pacquiao does his usual drift to his left, holding his right-hand really high in defense up against the Barrera jab. The Mexican uses an effective double arm block in the center of your ring and puts Pac on his back foot. This will probably be a tough assignment! Some stuff I spotted here:

We can easily see Pac Man’s initial tries to get around the tight defense of Barrera (who happens to be quite conservative and cagey when it comes to attacking Manny.) Pacquiao, whilst at long range, slips, feints and rolls in order to draw the lead through the Mexican so he is able to then make his greater hand speed count during counter-attacks. This speed comes in the form of long and mid-range hooks on the body of your tough Mexican.

Jumping forward a little bit now, we have seen the patient Pacquiao within this fight (probably because he is aware of how dangerous Barrera is). Through the entire 2nd round, Manny constantly feints and we are able to see that he is developing into a consummate counter puncher. He probes and teases about the fringe of range (you guessed it, moving to his left and attacking down his right!). Pacquiao is developing the patience of a hunter!

Barrera, despite the constant threat from Pacquiao, shows his class landing solid shots in the Pac Man. Pacquiao’s response is instant and chilling. He fires long range shots in ferocious bursts whilst maintaining superb balance. His footwork is perfect, he commits fully towards the attack without over-committing and the man simply never overbalances. His double attacks were formed in their amateur days, and he has honed these perfectly for that pro game.

Pac overcomes Barrera inside the 11th through a TKO (Barrera was saved by his corner). Manny Pacquiao has most definitely arrived around the world boxing scene, and then in some style!

Make sure to watch Pacquiao vs Algieri this coming November and be part of another history in boxing.

Why Kalatu Blogging System Is Made?

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